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Sick on campus

by Alumni Posts on October 6, 2011

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So this week I got sick for my first time living on campus…as did MANY other people who live in the dorms. We all had  or have some version of a cold that for many of us got worse in different ways. All I have to say is it is not fun to be sick, ever, but especially not the first time in college. I basically locked myself in my room, because I did not want to get anyone else sick, and I hate missing classes so I wanted to go, but I just couldn’t! When I went to the doctors on Monday afternoon he told me it would probably be best for me to go home at least for that night to try to get away from everyone else who was sick and to get LOTS of rest…I swear I have slept more this week then I have the rest of my time here at Fontbonne combined!

It was not fun to be sick, and I hope it does not happen anytime soon again. But now I have to go catch up on the homework I missed and what not.

Stay healthy and remember to get your Vitamin C!

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