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A Promising Path

by Alumni Posts on October 3, 2011

in Academics,Career Paths

Hi! I’m a city girl that lives in a small town near Kansas City. I am blessed to be married to my hubby for 17 years and have two awesome kiddos. I went to Northwest Missouri State until my early twenties and have always regretted not finishing my degree in education. I have prayed that God would give me the capability and courage to go back to finish my degree and the Pathways program was my key. The Pathways program allows me to work, have my family and complete my classes online. Some of my best support has come from my eleven year old son who will sit and read powerpoints with me and ask me questions. He also enjoys the videos that have been posted. I love that he is learning the things that I am at the same time. My daughter is my tech support here and helped me when my powerpoint pictures wouldn’t load. She currently went through explain mean, mode, and median to me and told me, “Mom, I know you learned this at one time so you can do it now.” The support of the professors and the individuals within the Pathways staff have given me strength to guide my path and are a wonderful blessing to myself and my family.

There are two things that I’m doing differently this semester as opposed to previous ones. The first is that I wake up in the morning and pray for my teenage daughter who is now driving herself to school daily. I pray that she makes it there safely, to her internship at our church after school, and back home. If any of you think of it keep Em in your prayers in the morning too.

The second thing pertains to time management with school. I had a challenging class over the summer and this fall is no exception. The key for me is to take time and differentiate what I need to do for my classes during the week. I’ve found by keeping a spiral and writing down all the assignments for the week helps me. I know that I read for my classes on Mondays and Tuesdays. I also take notes from the textbooks and any powerpoints that might be up on those days. For the rest of the week I keep my check list of what is due when and complete it when I have a chance. I am blessed to have about an hour or two block of time before and after my kids get home that they are working on homework and so I can too. I know that I’ve told them if they have no homework they are to read so it is quiet and this had led to their benefit. They both have a certain amount of reading points they need per quarter at school and they were able to complete them way ahead of time.

An example of a typical checklist schedule for me looks like this :

Mon-Tues : Read, powerpoints and notes
Wednesday: Discussion Boards, start assignments, pull articles for article reviews, do observations
Thursday: Do article reviews, write papers, take quizzes
Friday: finish any last minute work and submit

It is my goal with myself and my family that if I’m able to get things done during the week we get rewarded. The reward amounts to maybe watching a movie together or going to get pizza over the weekend . It makes the time that I dedicate to classwork and my hogging the computer worth it.

Blessings- Sherry

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