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Places to go, People to know!

by Alumni Posts on October 4, 2011

in Campus Community

This week, I was asked to talk about someone on campus who is important to know. Well, I couldn’t physically name just one person. I feel every adult on campus is important to know in some way for some reason. Depending on what your interests are, some people are more important than others. The people that I feel everyone should know are the president (Dr. Golden), their advisor, and the admissions people. I feel like everyone on campus should be close with the president in order to unite the campus with each other. You advisor will be important to you for all 4 years of your college. The will make your schedule, help with problems, and are just a good person to talk to with any problems. The admissions people are the ones who got you here. They gave you your scholarship, they accepted you, and they take care of any transcript issues. It is definitely important to be involved with the admissions people.

Now for the individuals. If you are a sports player, obviously your coach is a good person to get close with, especially if you play all 4 years. Whatever clubs, or extracurricular activities you are involved in play a huge role in who your are so you should get to know the president of the clubs and the other club members also.

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