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Love of Wisdom

by Alumni Posts on October 12, 2011

in Academics

Everyone has that one class that is slightly harder than the others. My class is philosophy. Even though I find philosophy fascinating, I have a tendency to spend more hours than I should on the subject. The readings from Aristotle and Plato are difficult to understand, so I literally have to break the articles into sections to analyze. This benefits me for test preparation, but I spend, at least, more than ten hours a week with all the readings and homework. I understand this is what college is about, and I know I will have a sense of accomplishment when the semester is over, so I shouldn’t complain. In this class, you cannot slack what-so-ever. When a reading is due, I have to make time to get it completed before lecture. It is way too hard to play catch up, and let’s be real, time flies throughout the week, and what is the likelihood you do it over the weekend? I have learned a tremendous amount of information, and the class is enjoyable every Tuesday and Thursday. The most difficult part is consistently keeping up with the readings and homework. Everything else is easy:)

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