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I’m Not Trying to Lose My Mind

by Alumni Posts on October 21, 2011

in Academics

I woke up one morning last week and thought to myself, “I think we need a rainy day in the near future.” Finally! Despite the fact that I hate walking to and from class in this rainy haze since I don’t have any really warm clothes or an umbrella with me at school at the moment, I’m super happy with the weather that we’ve been experiencing the past few days. Some resort to such harsh words as “dreary”, “depressing”, or “nasty” to describe it. But me, I prefer different, kinder adjectives when referring to gray, rainy days. And besides, who wants to sit in his or her room and study when it’s sunny and warm out? When it’s cold and rainy, you actually want to be indoors doing homework. Okay, maybe that’s stretching it a bit, but you get my point.

Tomorrow is the first mid-term of my college career, despite the fact that I’m a sophomore. How I got so lucky last year, I don’t know. Wish me luck, and good luck to anyone else who still has tests to take! Friday will be here before we know it.


“Golden Age” by Beach Fossils (a little blissful summer groove to cheer you up.)

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