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Fontbonne University

Why Fontbonne?

by Fontbonne University on October 18, 2011

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Thinking about which college to attend? Well, everyone would suggest campus tours, brochures, search the school online, or any other possible sources that will lead you to a specific college or university. Now if you want a small, totally comfy, and interactive community, then come to Fontbonne University!

There are so many things to do at Fontbonne, and the classes are great! Professors are very serious about their work and are always there to help students in need. The organizations and sports are also awesome! Organizations range from academic to honor to fun activities and so much more. For sports, they have almost anything you can name (except for football. Sorry for the football people!).

What else? Their food? Excellent! I love eating in the Ryan Hall dining area. But you can also eat in the Dunham Student Activity Center (DSAC) with a variety of Griffin Grill meals. Try not to catch the “Freshman 15” though 🙂

Fontbonne University is just so amazing in every aspect. You wouldn’t have to worry about the professor not paying you any attention, and you can get easy access to so many resources. Overall, Fontbonne is a brilliant choice! And I love being a Fontbonne student.

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