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The cycle continues……..

by Alumni Posts on October 5, 2011

in Academics

Howdy!  It appears my technical difficulties have been solved….thank you Firefox!!

Over the summer, I was very lucky to be a part of Fontbonne’s first summer of CampF.R.E.S.H.  I worked in the kitchen preparing food and teaching kids about nutrition and cooking techniques.  Our theme for the summer was the seven continents.  Each week of camp we explored the different foods and culture of each continent.  The campers wrote blogs which are fun to read and quite revealing!!  Check out their blog:

The camp was a TON of fun. 🙂  It gave me a taste of what it’s like to plan and prepare to cook food for a large group of people, but it was nothing like what I’m doing now with my cycle menu project!

As a dietetics major, I get to take a class called Quantity Foods, which is all about (you guessed it) planning for and preparing food in quantity.  We are currently working on designing week-long menus for a particular type of institution, like a school or retirement community.  I am preparing a menu for an elementary school.  I have new-found respect for how difficult the school lunch-lady has it!!!  I have to come up with food ideas that 6 year old kids will eat, that encompass all the required nutrients, that have different shapes, colors and textures and that involve a variety of ingredients and flavors.  Oh, the food also has to fit within a particular budget.  Quite a lot of variables to consider! Despite all these challenges, though, I do enjoy it.  The process is much like putting together a puzzle, but with lots of moving pieces.  What you choose to serve on Monday can impact what you should serve on Tuesday – after all, who wants pasta two days in a row?  Ok, maybe I would be ok with pasta two days in a row, but we need to be more creative than that!

Quantity foods is a way cool class because the projects we do are the type of projects we can expect to do when we graduate.  They are very practical projects.  Even if I don’t end up working in a school planning lunch menus, odds are good that there will come a time where I will be required to cook for a large group.  By the end of the semester, I will be able to say – host a reception for 50 people??? Bring it on!!!

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