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Happy Commuter Week, everyone!

Commuting is the way to be this week, as the Commuter Advisory Board is pulling out all the stops with its (relative) plethora of events to celebrate all those who don’t operate out of a dorm room.  This is CAB’s first year as an activities-based group rather than merely an outlet for diatribes about parking, and Commuter Week will test out the new administration (i.e., me with lots of help from Brent Hickenbottom, the club’s adviser.  I’ll be the first to admit it’s an autocracy.  Trust me, though, I’m definitely working on this, mostly because I’m tired of doing so much work.).  All this is pretty exciting, but by “exciting,” I mean “thrilling and terrifying and exhausting, all at the same time.”

Here’s the schedule:

Monday: Commuter Breakfast from 8:30 – 10:00 in the Griffin’s Nest, Tricycle Races in the DSAC at 12:00, where the grand prize is a $50 gas card.

Tuesday: Commuter Breakfast

Wednesday:  Commuter Breakfast, Commuter Dinner with food from the Pasta House

Thursday: Commuter Breakfast – Brent and Janelle Densberger, the Director of Student Activities, will be flipping pancakes for everyone!

Friday: Commuter Breakfast

Saturday: A joint production by CAB and the Residence Hall Association:  Zoo Photo Scavenger Hunt!  We’re meeting in the AMC at 1 p.m., and will carpool over to the Zoo for the scavenger hunt!  Bring a digital camera and a cord to connect it to a laptop, if you have one!

Then, on Monday, October 10th, we’ll be having the first official CAB meeting of the year! CAB had a slow start (it’s already OCTOBER, for Pete’s sake, and we’re just now having our first activities), but I think this week makes up for it!

Hope to see you some time this week, commuters!

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