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You Just Can’t Get Any Better

by Alumni Posts on October 5, 2011

in Campus Community,Extracurricular,In Saint Louis

One of the many reasons that I love Fontbonne so much is because of its great location. I’ve lived in Oakville, South Saint Louis County, my whole life, and I honestly couldn’t imagine leaving the Saint Louis community for college. When I was a senior in high school, I was cast as Agnes in the musical “Meet Me In Saint Louis.” I can tell you that I wasn’t totally acting when it came to my character’s pure love of Saint Louis; I truly do have that deep connection with my hometown.

I’m a commuter student, so that means that I drive to school and then drive back home on a daily basis. Many people have told me that I don’t have the full college experience, but that is far from the truth. I can participate in practially any and all Fontbonne student activitites; in fact, this year alone, I’ve already participated in lunchtime Griffin Games, and I already have plans to go on the Fontbonne-sponsored Six Flags Fright Fest field trip with a group of my friends. It can sometimes be annoying to have to sit in rush hour traffic on the way home, but I geniunely love commuting. As my friend, fellow blogger, and fellow commuter student Elizabeth once told me, “Commuting is really cool because I can have two life spheres – a life at home, and a totally different life at school.”  She is exactly right.

I also really enjoy Fontbonne’s location because it allows me to visit my high school and other Saint Louis spots on a relatively-regular basis. I attended Notre Dame High School, and this Sunday is their Fall Festival (the biggest event of the Notre Dame school year). If I lived out of town, there’s no way I’d be able to come back to Saint Louis just for one Sunday in order enjoy some food and fun with Notre Dame alumns and students; however, since I still go to school in Saint Louis, I have absolutely no problem. Likewise, living in Saint Louis allows me to visit lots of the iconic places that Saint Louis is rightfully famous for, like Forest Park, Ted Drewes, and Gus’s Pretzels.

I think this just goes to show that whenever you put life at Fontbonne and life in Saint Louis together, you just can’t get any better.

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