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Cardinal Nation

by Alumni Posts on October 26, 2011

in Campus Community,In Saint Louis

I have never been so glad to have not left St. Louis for college! I absolutely love living in Cardinal Nation! This has been one of THE most exciting Red Octobers we have had, and although we are behind in the World Series 3-2, I am still keeping the faith! We came back and got the Wild Card spot from the Braves even though it seemed almost impossible! We beat the Phillies, practically the best team this season, and we clinched the National League Championship! This is our year to win our 11th World Series Championship in 2011! Each game night has been very exciting! I have gotten out of my last two Thursday night classes early to watch the games, they played some of the games on the big screen in the DSAC, and last night they even had the game on a big screen in the Meadow! It is all very exciting! For the most part, My friends and I have been watching the games in my room, and being VERY loud about it. I am more invested this year than I have ever been because I was given so many more opportunities to actually go to the games. I saw about 5 or 6 regular season games, the last one I saw being the last home game of the season…and to make that even better, it was my first Cards vs Cubs game ever! It was a GREAT atmosphere to be in! We won, of course. Just when I thought that was going to be the high light of the baseball season for me (besides of course win we win the World Series on Thursday night) my Mom surprised me and bought tickets to one of the National League Championship games against the Brewers for her, my sister, my self and my roommate/best friend! That same day my Dad bought us all Rally Squirrel shirts from Cardinal Glennon Hospital (It was a good cause, and an awesome shirt!) It was another winner and so much fun, and my Rally Towel from the game is now hanging up on my wall 🙂 Then this weekend my Mom surprised me with a Angry Cards shirt (the Fred Bird looks like an Angry Bird) and I love it! Over all, this has been a great season and such a fun Red October!

I love how invested so many students and faculty are in this World Series! It’s such a great environment to be in!

I am looking forward to watching a winner!! Let’s Mess With Texas!

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