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Last night, a handful of Fontbonne Clubs put together “The Big Fall Event” to celebrate Halloween!! There were so many entertaining and different activities!! Pumpkin Carving and Pumpkin Carving Contest, Unwrapping a Starburst with your teeth, Costume Contest– just to name a few! I’d name some more but I was sooo distracted by the Pumpking Carving and the S’mores booth that I did not make the rounds to every other booth!

Pumpkin Carving– I haven’t carved a Pumpkin since HIGH SCHOOL!!! Or longer! To tell ya the truth, I missed it! I miss the whole process– the driving to the store to buy the pumpkin, bringing it home, waiting for both my parents to be home in order to carve it, picking out a design stencil and trying to follow it the best I could (I was never good with a pumpkin carving knife, to be quite honest. The specific knives are waaay to dainty for such a laborious task!!) then realizing the end result looks nothing like the stencil! Ehhh, put a candle in it and VOILA its perfect!! As far as scary Pumpkins go!!

Then, I made it out to the S’more booth–well I was working the booth so I kinda had to make it out to the booth! The fire was warm and cozy and the conversations were the same!! S’mores were prepared, burnt, and consumed!! Such a fiery activity!

Now, I am looking forward to HALLOWEEN!! Carved Pumpkin and all!!

Have a FUN (and safe) HALLOWEEN!!

(My Pumpkin)

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