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Anticipation is Making the Wait Worthwhile

by Alumni Posts on October 14, 2011

in Campus Community

The word of the week for me is anticipation. I am preparing to go back to Des Moines over the weekend where I grew up and meet up with old friends and family. I am anticipating that this will be a good time but a bittersweet one as well. You should know that I have not been back to Des Moines in over six years even though both my mom and brother live there. In January I found out that my mom has been diagnosed with brain cancer. She had surgery to remove some of the cells that had been forming but many remain because she would lose her life now if they removed them. With this I feel compelled not only in prayer daily but to try to mend my relationship with her and connect with her.

I wanted to share this about myself and my family with you to ask for your prayers and to share something very special about the Fontbonne community. Even though I am a Pathways student and live in the Kansas City area I am connected to the Fontbonne campus via e-mails that come daily from there. The most touching have been the ones that come from campus ministry and are asking for prayers for students (present and past) and faculty and their families. What a precious and invaluable service campus ministry is to the Fontbonne community. Both my husband and I feel that if the first time around in college that if we had been given a blessing of having such a strong faith based ministry provided within the campus we would have been able to not only do better in school but graduate. It is truly a blessing that Fontbonne holds so tightly to faith because it gives me something to anticipate that is greater than just a degree. It fills me with the anticipation of prayers being lifted and answered by our heavenly Father.

May peace fill your hearts over this coming week.

Blessings- Sherry

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