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Typical Tuesday

by Alumni Posts on September 21, 2011

in Campus Community,Organizations, Activities & Events

My idea of a good, relaxing day at Fontbonne? Only having one class in the morning, where we only watched a video! It does kind of suck to have to wake up for an 8 am class every day, but it is GREAT to get classes done and over with! So while everyone else is in class I get to sit in my room getting work done, listening to music, or watching movies. Whatever I want with no distractions!

That’s not the only thing that makes a good day, Tie-Dye Tuesday in the Meadow for Spirit Week helps a lot too! This will be my second time Tie-Dyeing in the Meadow since I have been living here for just barely a month! It’s fantastic! Tie-Dyeing is so much fun and relaxing. And I love it because no matter how many times I have tie-dyed I still have fun each time, and nothing ever turns out the same!!

Another ingredient in this good day is my usual chicken wrap at lunch from the DSAC: Some people tease me because I get this so often, but everyone loves the wraps there and get them a lot! The main reason I get teased is because of how I eat it.

First you order a fried chicken wrap (I am not a big fan of grilled, but I know others are) and your side should be fries (You’ll see why later). When they ask you what you want on your wrap you ask for the following:
-shredded cheese

Then when they hand you your food you find somewhere to sit: Often my friends and I head back to my room to watch something on TV and eat and hang out.

Before I start eating I usually open up my wrap and put a few fries in it (See, I told you there was a reason for the fries as your side). By now most of my friends just think it’s hilarious, but at first they thought I was fairly weird for doing this…I am not even sure why I started doing this, but I am glad I did 🙂

I picked this sort of thing up from my two older brothers – they always put stuff on their sandwiches or in their mashed potatoes.

It makes a delicious wrap and I get it very often! You should try it sometime 🙂

Another great part about tonight…Glee season premiere! I am quite the Gleek and I am really looking forward to this, but the down side to today: I have a class from 6-8pm…This means we are recording Glee and are going to all hang out in someone’s room (most likely mine) and watch it after class is over!!

Plus, it’s a beautiful day outside…so it’s time for me to stop typing and to go out and enjoy this weather until I have to go to class 🙂

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