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How Have Sphingolipids Changed Your Life?

by Alumni Posts on September 23, 2011

in Academics

Another week of school down. And boy, it was quite a week! Yesterday, I had my third anatomy test of the semester; I’m thinking (and hoping!) that it went relatively well. And next week will be quite a week, too, with an anatomy lab practical on Wednesday and my first organic chemistry test on Thursday.

“Is that the life of a biology major?” you may ask me. Well, yes and no. This year, I’m in 200- and 300-level biology and chemistry classes. So, that does mean that I have a few more tests than I did last year. However, I think I’m definitely beginning to enjoy biology and the biological world more and more as I continue to get down to the “nitty gritty” of it all.

Take, for instance, sphingolipids. Before the semester began, I would have had no idea what these cool little guys could do. Now, I describe them, give you their moleculer structure, and list off a few of their functions. The same goes for anatomical structures. Before this semester, I never would’ve guessed that there were so many distinct muscles and bones in the body because I really didn’t even know about all of the specific functions that those organs provide. Now that I’m into the study of anatomy and physiology, however, I’m much more appreciative of the human body.

Sure, all of the studying gets tough at times. There are times that I wonder, “Why am I doing this?!” But, I’ve been working on a lab project for General Biology I with Dr. Homsi and my friend and lab partner, Dillon. It’s so cool to get into the lab and finally put all of the things I’ve learned about cis- and trans- isomers and sphingolipids and anatomical structure together (that is, if they all fit together in a certain experiment…).

So, how have sphingolipids changed my life? In short, they’ve made my life more challenging, exciting, and fulfilling. And they’ve made me appreciate the simplicity of General Biology I a whole lot more!!!

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