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Opened Windows

by Alumni Posts on September 29, 2011

in Extracurricular

Did anyone else notice it has been gorgeous outside the past couple of days? I have! Yesterday I played Frisbee in the meadow with my friends Aaron and Shannon! Also, my roommate, Katie, and I opened our windows yesterday and again today because it feels so nice out and also because they light up the room so well. Well today when Shannon stopped by for a chit-chat she freaked out (she was not aware you could open the windows, genius right?!) and ran to her room to open her windows. She needed our muscle to help open them, and then to close her blinds as well…they get stuck at times. So I am sitting here with a nice, comfortable breeze and blogging while Shannon is also. I just hope the weather stays like this for Sibs Weekend because Katie’s two younger sisters are coming for the weekend, but I’ll most likely write about that next week after it is all done and over with! 🙂

I think I may go outside before my first Thursday night class begins at 6!

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