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Here We Go Again

by Alumni Posts on September 21, 2011

in Campus Community,Extracurricular,In Saint Louis

A majority of college students would agree they love it when summer starts, but if you would ask the Fontbonne student body, they would reply that they love it when the school year starts. I came from the University of Missouri St. Louis and transferred to Fontbonne to complete my junior and senior years because I didn’t have that good feeling of belonging when I was attending UM-STL.  I can honestly talk for a solid hour about how Fontbonne has changed my life already in these first few weeks. I feel like I am gaining more then just a great education, but bonds with friends that will last a lifetime.  For the first time since my college career started I can proudly say my heart is happy here and it just feels right. This is what every college experience should be like because it will be good reminiscences to look back on for years to come.

Take a look around Fontbonne’s campus. It seems like nothing special, just a typical setting, but it really is quite beautiful. Beautifully created architectural buildings and also beautifully enriched with history.  Some mornings, I sit out on the patio of Medaille overlooking the Meadow with a cup of coffee, reviewing some school work materials before my day begins, and it is just so peaceful. You wouldn’t really expect such a thing in a St. Louis setting, but it is definitely a major positive for this school.  The Meadow is the area where the Fontbonne families really form. The Meadow is the place for events and relaxation and fresh air. Just the other night, my friends and I had a “family dinner” grilling out steaks and potatoes and enjoying one another’s company. Soon five turned into seven and seven turned into eleven and all of a sudden it really did turn into a enjoyable, late night cookout.

Has anyone really taken the time to tour around our location off campus? If you haven’t and want to be impressed, just take a walk down Wydown. There is something always intriguing to discover when you venture out into the community of Clayton. For instance the balloon race this weekend is a Forest Park tradition and has been for many years.  It will be my first time attending and I know it will be a memory I will never forget.

There is so much to discover while being a Fontbonne student on and off campus. I’m one to agree that the living quarters and surrounding areas makes Fontbonne feel more like a home atmosphere then other comparable settings.

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