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Conferencin’ It Up

by Alumni Posts on September 26, 2011

in Extracurricular,In Saint Louis

Last Saturday, I pumped enough bagels and hazelnut coffee into my system that I’m pretty sure a bagels-and-coffee IV could’ve achieved the same results.

Why, you ask?  Well… I guess I was hungry?

Actually, I was a student helper at the Bosnian-Herzegovinian Academy of Arts and Sciences Annual Meeting held at Fontbonne.  The welcome table I was working at was parked right across from a spread of Panera breakfast items for conference goers.  And since I was there from 8 to 5, those bagels looked awfully good throughout the day…  I mean, really, would YOU pass up a chocolate chip bagel? (…or three?)

Besides the food, there were other factors that made the conference very enjoyable for me.  It was so neat to be involved and to meet all the people there!

More people than anticipated attended, which was GREAT!  As the attendees arrived, we realized there wouldn’t be enough seating in the main presentation room, so we had to push back the collapsible wall between the room and the adjoining one, and move in more tables to fit forty more people!  All kinds of professionals came to the meeting – doctors, attorneys, performers like Balkan singer Mary Sherhart, and many others.  The day included presentations, including one by Aleksandar Hemon, author of the book “Love and Obstacles,” a collection of stories about life in Sarajevo and Chicago (which I had signed!), as well as a quick walk over to the Fontbonne art gallery to see artist Jesenko Kurbasic’s exhibit “Free Fallin'” and a trip to the University Library to view the PBS documentary “I Came To Testify.”

Although the subject matter of the conference was sometimes very grave, I was glad I was able to be there to hold down the fort (and make sure the coffee spills got cleaned up).  As for my bagel IV, I’m just lucky that the conference is an annual event, and that I happen to have a fast metabolism.

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