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Case Closed

by Alumni Posts on September 26, 2011

in Campus Community

I was pretty sure I had a mystery a la Nancy Drew or, even better, The Phantom of the Opera, on my hands when I heard piano chords drifting through the AMC, the main level of Medaille Hall.  I first heard the music a few weeks ago when I was working on a computer in one of the cubicles down there, and I just figured someone nearby was playing a clip from some kid’s performance on YouTube.  The next week, same time of the afternoon, I heard the music AGAIN!  This time, I was at a cubicle right under a vent in the wall, and it was clear that the music was coming through the vent from somewhere else.

This puzzled me.  I was sure the only piano on campus was in the chapel, and it didn’t make any sense to think some student had an upright in her dorm room.

A break in the case finally came.  Last week, I was, once again, at a cubicle in the AMC (What can I say? I’m pretty predictable.) and, once again, I heard piano music wafting through the air coming out of the vent.  It was my outstanding power of eavesdropping that saved the day and solved the case:  I overheard a student, who I know for a fact is a resident of Medaille, say, “I like how you can hear the piano from down here.”

Therefore, there MUST be a piano in Medaille Hall.

…I just have no idea where it is.

The fact remains, though, that it’s up there.  Somewhere.

Solving this case makes me feel better – it’s nice to know other people were hearing the music, too.

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Erica Garcia September 26, 2011 at 4:03 pm

There’s actually a piano in the basement of Medaille by the washing machines/dryers. People like to occasionally play it. Thought you should know. 🙂

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