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The Anatomy of the Griffin Grill

by Alumni Posts on September 30, 2011

in Campus Community

Being a resident at Fontbonne, I find the most convenient place to eat on campus is the Griffin Grill in the DSAC. Most of the students find the food selection at the Grill satisfying, but there are definitely some particular favorites among the students. My standard lunch will usually consist of a chicken wrap. Below are some handy hints when ordering a wrap:

1. ALWAYS get fried chicken. (I used to get grilled, and then I finally tried the fried; since then, I’ve never gone back.)
2. Remember you have options when ordering your type of wrap (wheat or white).
3. Make sure they warm the tortilla before making your wrap (it will prevent the wrap from cracking).
4. Get it right, get it tight! (you don’t want your wrap falling apart when you’re in the middle of eating it, ANNOYING).
I usually prefer getting ranch or hot sauce on my wraps. It definitely adds a zing. :]

Another crowd pleaser at the Grill are the quesadillas. I personally like my quesadillas with cheese and chicken and NO pico de gallo. And of course, always get the fried chicken! It tastes way better than the grilled. Also remember to ask for salsa, because it completes the meal.
Another popular item on the menu is the spicy chicken sandwich. Super yummy! I usually get mine with ranch, but it apparently tastes good with mayonnaise too.

Those are some of the favorites I’ve tried at the Grill, so if you haven’t tried them yet, I strongly suggest you do! :]

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