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Mayday! Mayday!

by Alumni Posts on May 2, 2011

in Academics

Today’s May 1st, which according to my Hello Kitty calendar is May Day, as well as Holocaust Remembrance Day and Labor Day in Mexico. Take your pick, I suppose.

Anyway, with no disrespect to Holocaust Remembrance Day or Labor Day in Mexico, “May Day” seems pretty appropriate for my life right now, if you refrain from hitting the spacebar between the two words so that you have “Mayday!”  – as in the distress signal. Now that we only have a little more than a week left of school and projects, presentations, and tests are swarming about me, I think I’m going down. That defensive maneuver I call “studying” doesn’t seem to be enough to help me out anymore.

Fun fact: A friend once told me that “Mayday” came from one of the World Wars when some English-speaking military pilots (not sure what nation they were from) mispronounced what they heard from French pilots whose planes were in trouble:  “M’aide!” which means “Help me!” in French. The French pronounce it “MAH-day,” but then it got twisted into “Mayday,” which stuck.

Now, I’m not sure what would happen if I were to call for help, or even if I actually want help here. Quite frankly, I’d rather write my own papers and do my own homework for the sake of quality control. And, you know, for the sake of trivial stuff like demonstrating honesty, accountability, strong moral fiber, etc.

So, happy May Day – but don’t expect me to cry out “Mayday!” any time soon.

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Erica May 12, 2011 at 3:04 pm

I love that you have a Hello Kitty calendar.

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