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Whoa, April…

by Alumni Posts on April 20, 2011

in Academics,Campus Community

Where did April go? Easter break is so late this year that after this three-day week—Fontbonne cancels classes for the Thursday and Friday of Easter weekend—there will only be one more week, which will also be cut short by Fontbonne Day, a day of service but no classes.

What this means for students is that we’ve just about all hit that delightful point in the semester where we have a final project in every class. This is unbelievably stressful for everyone going through this experience.

How do I cope? I think about it like this: every final project that I finish is basically one entire class that I’m done with. For instance, I just handed over a final paper for Sociology Internship I, which should wrap most things up now that I have a secured internship for this summer. That takes me down from 15 hours to 12 in effect. For every paper I write at this point, it’s three hours of class I don’t stress about.

Of course, not every student has this, because the non-liberal arts students—Math majors, Bio majors, etc., may God have mercy on their souls—will probably have a painful week of final exams, which can make or break your grade. Well… welcome to the college life!

It’s amazing, too, to think that I’m already talking about the semester’s end. Whoa, April, let’s slow down just a little bit here… But really, we’ve only got two more weeks after this one! Summer’s right around the corner… so while I might sound like I want April to slow down, don’t let me fool you—April can hurry right along and get out of the way so May and Summer can get here sooner! Just… give me time to finish my work first, okay?

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