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The end is near, indeed!

by Alumni Posts on April 14, 2011

in Academics,Faith

I just read another blog post proclaiming that the end is near.  And, well, it is!  Now we are in the uphill battle towards finals.  The professors are getting all those end of the semester projects and exams in – quite a busy time indeed!  But, we get to take a moment away from the current craziness to contemplate next year.

Much of next year is already planned for me.  In dietetics, there is a sequence of courses that we have to take.  Every course is a foundation for a next course, so it all kind of builds on itself.  I learned this semester that the name for this approach to education is “scaffolding”.  So, I am being scaffolded.   At first, I wasn’t fond of this image…to me it seems a bit rickety, and I picture a scaffold next to a building that appears about to collapse.  But, upon further reflection, great things come from scaffolds as well.  Michelangelo used a scaffold to paint the Sistine Chapel.  I’ve seen the Sistine Chapel – it is quite amazing.  I think I will stick with that image.

Oooh, great segue – the only class I’m taking that isn’t part of dietetics is World Religion.  I am really looking forward to this class.  What an awesome opportunity to learn about different belief systems!!  I’m looking forward to learning about where faiths are similar – what common threads, if any, there are.  I’m also looking forward to reading about differing points of view.  I find it fascinating how belief systems develop and how they maintain themselves.

You might think that taking a World Religion class is an unnecessary and un-useful detour in an education path.  I couldn’t disagree more.  I am entering an occupation that is all about serving individuals, families and communities.  In order to meet the needs of my clients, I need to have some understanding of where my clients are coming from.  And, if they are from a different religious background than mine, it may be relevant to how I manage their cases (in terms of dietary restrictions and issues) but it is definitely relevant on the path to understanding where they are coming from in life.

So, here I am, climbing my rickety scaffold and reminding myself that it is a fascinating climb and great things can be accomplished once I reach the top.  🙂

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