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Alumni Posts

Scary Weather

by Alumni Posts on April 20, 2011

in Extracurricular

Hello, Fontbonne, I just wanted everyone to be alert and be careful with the latest round of spring storms we have coming. According to a lot of newscasters this is going to be very severe and come out of nowhere. Be sure to be prepared to take shelter. I’m not sure how it works in dorms, but you should also make sure that your belongings are protected in case of loss; so if you’re renting, be sure to obtain renter’s insurance. If you have questions, I can help you out with information.  Of course, if you’re a homeowner, you should have insurance to cover your home. If you have a nice car that you would like to protect in the case of maybe hail damage or other weather instances, don’t forget to add comprehensive (other than collision) onto your auto insurance policy. Protect yourself so that you won’t have to start over alone. Be Safe!

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