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People to Know

by Alumni Posts on April 26, 2011

in Campus Community,Extracurricular

This is my 3rd year at Fontbonne and there are so many people on this campus who have been influential and who I feel privileged to have met. Though I could write about influential people here for hours, I will spare some time and just cover a few who stand out to me. I will start out with two obvious ones, Dr. and Mrs. Golden, who lead by example so well and whose mere presence in a room has a “feel.” Then there is Mike Horn. What would this campus be like without that young man? He is such a great person and friend to all and if you have not met him and go to Fontbonne, then I would have to ask where you’ve been and question if you actually go here. There are so many others who have influenced me throughout my time at Fontbonne; however, two that have had the greatest and most positive impact on my life are Michael McKinnlay (better known as Art Mike to some), and Stephanie Wilson. Art Mike is a hilarious, enthusiastic, and sincere person who can make you smile almost anytime you need one. Stephanie has been involved on campus and is President of FAB this year, and is a person who I am very fortunate to have met here at Fontbonne. In addition to these people, several other people have the gift of just being able to make you smile whenever you see them, such as Izzy Lui and Tyler Malek. Thank you to all of these people for making Fontbonne awesome.

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