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People You Need to Meet at Fontbonne!

by Alumni Posts on April 27, 2011

in Campus Community

So, after thinking it over, I’ve decided the person you really need to meet on Fontbonne’s campus is… Sister Jane Hassett! She is the school’s archivist who works in the library’s basement. She has a lot of cool stuff in her room of archives. When I was writing a story for Fontbanner last semester, she helped me navigate Fontbonne’s past. It’s also really neat to talk to her because she’s been at Fontbonne for a while. She has been around for a lot of the big events, so she can tell you a lot more than just facts on a piece of paper. She is the keeper of the old Fontbonne yearbooks, the old newspapers, and really most of Fontbonne’s history. But she only works on Mondays, people! You better get down and find her soon because there’s only a few Mondays left of the semester!

Oh, and Genny Price wanted to be mentioned in this blog post. She’s pretty cool too. I mean, I’m friends with her.

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