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“OOP”s…I Did It Again

by Alumni Posts on April 13, 2011

in Academics,After College

Registered for a great semester again, that is!  And if you weren’t tipped off by the oddly-placed quotes in the title,  “OOP”s is a pun:  I’ve signed up for a class on Object-Oriented Programming – OOP.

I humbly admit that a joke’s not funny if it needs a detailed explanation to accompany it.  Maybe I should spare you all the pain of reading my nerdy humor and get the the meat of the blog.

I’ve designed next semester to be pivotal in making my decision of what to major in by signing up for classes that will allow me to cut to the hearts of the subjects I’m interested in pursuing in school and in my future.  I’ll be taking OOP to get closer to the crux of “real” computer science and give me a feel for what programming really is.

Now, I haven’t confessed this on my blog before, but today, I’ll drop the bomb:  for the past two years, as I’ve been trying to synthesize my many interests into a career I won’t hate, there’s been a part of me insisting, “I think it’d be great to be a social studies teacher!”  This semester, I’ve decided to test that theory out.  I’m taking a class that will put me inside the classroom at area schools where I can observe teachers and learn the ups and the downs of teaching social studies.

I think both OOP and EDU 201 will help me clarify what I like, what I don’t like, and what I want to do when I “grow up.”  Last weekend, I spent five hours creating a plan that lets me double major in computer science and history and still graduate in three years.  Before I execute this plan, though, I need to know if these are the subjects I’d really like to pursue.

I don’t know how this experiment will end, and things might not turn out the way I’m expecting them to.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll learn that I don’t want to do either one of these careers, or even, as Britney would say, that my current yearnings to teach history “might seem like a crush/ but it doesn’t mean that I’m serious.”  (Sorry – I couldn’t resist.)  I guess I’ll find out next semester!

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