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A Love/Hate Relationship

by Alumni Posts on April 18, 2011

in Academics

If there’s one thing that I have to say about registration, it’s that I have a love/hate relationship with it. Call me a nerd, but I absolutely love planning out my life. If you were to look in my binder, you’d find a typed out, color coded four-year schedule of all of the classes I need to take, along with lists of their course numbers, descriptions, and credit hours. I guess I do tend to go a little overboard when it comes to scheduling and organizing, but hey, it’s my life and I like to be in as much control of it as possible.

So, luckily, most of the classes that I had planned on taking next fall are being offered, and they fit into my schedule.  My advisor approved my class schedule, and I obtained department approval for doing lab research for credit.   Everything was going great, or so I thought…

I was scheduled to register on Wednesday at 9:00 am.  I was ready to go at 8:50, with my netbook up and running.  I thought everything would be great, unlike last semester when I almost had a nervous breakdown due to multiple technical difficulties.  “I’ve done this before now,” I thought to myself, “so nothing can go wrong again because I know what to do.”  Never could I have been more wrong.

As the clock struck 9, my computer literally froze.  I could not get into the Student Information Management part of Fontbonne’s website in order to register.  Luckily, my friend Darryn, who helped me register last year, gave me his smart phone.  I tried to type in my classes, but then it said that my advisor hadn’t cleared me.  So, I ran over to AB (yes, I literally ran), and luckily she was still in her office and fixed the error.  So I sprinted back to my computer, only to find that it still wouldn’t allow me into the registration website.  I ended up using Darryn’s computer to put in my classes.

But, there was still one problem – department research.   Though I had gained the proper approval for doing in-lab research for credit in the fall, the computer didn’t realize that I had done so and wouldn’t allow me into the 400-level course.  Luckily, the very nice ladies in the registrar’s office were able to help me out.

So, all in all, I ended up getting into my classes.  I’ll be taking organic chemistry, cell and molecular biology, anatomy and physiology, performance technique (an acting course for my theatre minor), management principles (a business course required for biotechnology majors), and, of course, department research.  Though I hate all of the chaos that seems to haunt me during registration, I do love registration because I love looking forward in life.

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