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Learn More, Be More… Do More!

by Alumni Posts on April 8, 2011

in Academics,Extracurricular

I have a special place in my heart for Fontbonne’s motto, “Learn More. Be More.” After all, I’ve felt like I’ve learned so much in my time here—not just things academic, but invaluable life lessons as well. And these lessons about life, about friendship and faith and ethics and work, they have helped me be more, too. I’m proud of the person Fontbonne has helped me become.

But “being more” isn’t enough. Not at all. With Fontbonne, I find I DO MORE, too. Here’s a perfect, recent example:

I just e-mailed Jammie Price, applied sociologist and the editor of the Journal of Applied Social Science. I sent her two word documents: my 29-page paper I hope to have published this Fall, and a 10-page document addressing the revisions I needed before I could be published.

Uh, whoa! I’m an undergraduate, and getting published?! It blows my mind to think this has happened. This paper was actually a project I started in the Fall of 2009, in Intro to Applied Sociology, taught by the incredible Dr. Suzanne Stoelting. She liked the direction I took for my paper, so she encouraged me to keep working on it through an independent study course in Spring 2010, with the intention of presenting it at a conference that Fall. So one year after I started the paper, I then presented it at the conference for the Association of Applied and Clinical Sociology. I basically presented it to people I had cited in my paper! After the presentation, Jammie Price (who was the co-author of my intro text book!) came up to me and handed me her business card—with a note on the back, saying “please consider submitting your paper to the Journal of Applied Social Science for publication!” Again: whoa!!

That’s been a crazy ride; I’ve since then presented a second version of the paper at another conference and done additional research and spent hours revising and re-writing. I don’t think I’ve ever worked on any one project for over a whole year! I can’t believe I’ve done this, but it’s so exciting! I guess I’ll hear back before long about my submission… with a little luck, I’ll be a published applied sociologist before I graduate in December!

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