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Late Night (early morning?) Thoughts

by Alumni Posts on April 28, 2011

in Academics,Campus Community

Welcome to the final stretch. This is the period of the semester where everyone exhausts themselves trying to wrap up final projects and finish final papers. Rather than get on edge with each other, I think many of us actually bond over the experience of pulling our hair out together.

It’s 2:30 AM and I just finished a final paper for one of my classes. The paper isn’t even due for another week and a half—in fact, it’s the last of 4 final papers to be turned in! At some point I screwed up my priorities, so I always due my papers in reverse order. That way, when I turn in the first paper due—which will probably be next Tuesday—I’ll be done with the papers due Wednesday and then Monday. I front-load my stress, rather than take it bit by bit. I wouldn’t say this strategy is better or worse; it just works for me. Pick your poison.

During this time of the year, the AMC (the common space at the ground floor of Medaille Hall, the place where only a handful of people can be bothered to remember or care what the acronym stands for) becomes a popular place. Friends meet up to support each other through tedious, painful homework assignments. Of course, we also distract each other wildly.

Case in point: tonight, I learned that Brangelina were never officially married (Pitt says they won’t marry until everyone in this country has the right to); Queen Elizabeth II is 85 years old (and not 113, which was our guess); the Pope John Paul I only held his position for 33 days (and thus was referred to as “The September Pope” by popular media); ‘loam’ is a type of topsoil (referenced in a song by the Decemberists); and I’m sure somewhere in this, I learned something about what I actually wrote my paper on.

Welcome to the final stretch. Good night.

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