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It has been a while since I last updated. I have been so busy with classes, applying for internships, and preparations for interviews. I received an offer for an internship in March already, but after giving it a lot of thought, I realized that it didn’t really match my interests and goals. I had to respectfully decline it and continue my search for other internships.

1st Internship Interview: I applied for a position as a Product Development intern with a very huge company, whose corporate headquarters are in St. Louis. I e-mailed the hiring manager my cover letter and got a same day response to set up a phone interview. The phone interview was 40 minutes long and I was very prepared. I did my homework on the company and also practiced what I wanted to say and the questions that I wanted to ask the interviewer. At the end of the interview, I was offered a face-to-face interview at the company’s headquarters. I thought it went well and I am very grateful for the experience. I mailed out my Thank You cards the next morning. It’s been a little over a week and I haven’t heard from the company yet. I’m planning to follow up, probably during the middle of next week.

2nd Internship Interview: I applied at a vintage boutique for a position as a Fashion Merchandising intern. The owner/interviewer was very sweet and she seemed very interested in me. She told me she really liked my cover letter, resume, and online portfolio. That compliment really boosted my self-esteem. I let her know that I was in the process of interviewing, but I would keep in touch with her. I sent her a Thank You card the next morning.

In addition to looking for a summer internship (for-credit), I had to let the HR at my current internship (non-credit) know that I was interviewing. I have been with this company for almost a year. I’m a product development intern for a fashion accessories company. The HR told me that the Vice President was interested in having me stay, but I told her I wouldn’t get credit because I would have to have a totally new position. The HR talked to the VP, and also contacted my adviser. I guess they thought of a new program for me. The VP pulled me into her office this week and told me the new internship position she wanted to offer me in. It all sounded really exciting, but I told her that I wanted to give it some thought.

Along with internships, I was also applying for part-time jobs. Because there was a possibility of me leaving my current internship/job, I would have needed to have another way of earning money. I had 2 job interviews. I have already gotten an offer from one job, but because of my situation, she told me that I could give her an answer by May. The 2nd job interviewer e-mailed me a week later and thanked me for my follow up note (my thank you card!) and basically told me that she was interested in hiring me. With the 2nd job, she’s looking for a part-time employee that could become a Manager/FT by August, which would work perfectly with my schedule.

Right now I have so many decisions to make. I would have never thought in a million years that someone like me could have these many offers at one time. I’m not the most stylish. I didn’t come from a wealthy family. I don’t have the best grades. I don’t have the most bubbly personality. But I am down-to-earth, have a great sense of humor, and the determination & motivation to live the successful life that I’ve always dreamed about.

I really want to thank my adviser, Rogene Nelson, for all the tough love she’s given me. Internship Prep was a very difficult class for me because of the excessive amounts of work that needed to be completed. I complained a lot when I was taking it, but I am very thankful for this class being offered and required for me. I learned so many important things about writing cover letters, professionalism, interviews, follow ups, and the list goes on. (Oh yeah, don’t forget to ask for the Interviewer’s card before you leave!) I’m very excited about the summer. I’m ready to learn and I’m ready to work!

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