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A Girl and Her Frisbee

by Alumni Posts on April 1, 2011

in Campus Community

This, my friends, is fairly good weather for a game of Ultimate.

I say “fairly good” because really, I’d love to play in 80 degree weather, under a huge blue sky on an open field of thick, green grass.  That stuff comes with late-spring and summer, though, so I’ll just have to wait.  Right now, though, it’s finally warm enough where I can catch a disc and not have to deal with the stinging in my hands afterward due to the cold weather, so I’m loving it.  I’ve thrown a disc twice this whole spring, and I’m just itching to play more.

Ultimate is my absolute favorite sport.  I get such a rush from that perfect snap of my wrist that sends a disc soaring twenty or thirty feet down-field.  What’s even better: sprinting down to the end zone and making a flying leap to catch the disc and score a point.  I. love. it.

A bit of a bummer is how Fontbonne doesn’t have an Ultimate team or any regular pick-up games, but I plan to fix this sad situation.  I was going to work on it this semester, but I’m taking 18 hours  and right now my life is a hectic mess of equations, paragraphs, and programs, and I can’t take on any extra planning.

Next semester, though…

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