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Classes to be Passionate About

by Alumni Posts on April 13, 2011

in Academics,Athletics

Being an athlete at Fontbonne is like being just another fish in the sea. The campus is teeming with them. So a common reason for coming to Fontbonne might be “I just wanted to play my sport in college.” This means finding classes to be passionate about is not always easy. However, I have found a couple classes to be excited about. One that I am currently taking is Sport Psychology. This class is very interesting because most of the students in this class can relate and participate in class discussions and not be afraid of if they are right or not because this class is about the mental state of sports. So this class pretty much applies to a lot of the student population here at Fontbonne. Another class that is coming up next semester is Sociology of Sport. This class to me is going to be very exciting because it will talk about societal views on sport and controversial issues involving sport. As an athlete and a psychology major and sociology minor, these classes are right up my alley. But I bet they would be up your alley too.

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