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Ah, Spring Break…its been lovely. Its been a time to reconnect with friends and family, relishing in home-cooked meals, and working out! Yes, exercise is a big part of my Spring Break too! I know it’s not the typical vacation activity for most, but its something that I try to integrate into my life daily. Notice I said try! It can be difficult to fit it all in while being a full-time student, wife, and volunteer. I just thought I’d share with you some of my strategies for exercise success.

1. Go in with a plan. I like to write out exactly what I want to do before I step foot into the gym. I write out the exercises, number of reps, rounds, or whatever it is that I plan to accomplish. This ensures that I’m focused and helps me to complete my workout in a timely manner.

2. Create a workout soundtrack. Exercising to music may seem like a no brainer for most? However, I’m suggesting that a separate playlist be made with upbeat music for exercise only. I just think that things tend to go more smoothly when you don’t have to pause and skip the slow tracks. In addition, music is motivating! Sometimes I gift myself with new music just to get me amped up to workout. It’s fun to be surprised with new tunes in the midst of your workout.

3. Enlist a friend. Working out with friends is fun and motivating too! Having a predetermined “date” with a friend sets you up for success. We never want to let our friends down. Meeting a person with a common goal keeps you committed.

4. Check your Fontbonne email. Seriously! Fontbonne offers so many oppertunities to invest in your personal wellness. For example I’m planning on attending the upcoming free yoga classes offered by Student Affairs, Counseling and Wellness division (Wednesdays, 3/30 – 5/4, from 12 p.m.- 12:50 p.m.). This is so perfect because you don’t even have to leave campus. In fact the time of these classes makes it easy to do on a break in between classes. I hope to see you there!

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