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Oh, What a Week

by Alumni Posts on March 11, 2011

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Well, it’s official – only about a week until spring break. For me, this week has been chock full of studying for midterms and tests, which include public speaking, biology, microbiology, and calculus, not to mention my weekly microbio lab quizzes.

Amidst the stress of it all, though, I have had a lot to look forward to. This past Wednesday, my biology class had an off-campus lab at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. It was really fun because I, having been to the Gardens many times, could kind of “show it off” to two of my lab team members, one from California and another from right here in Saint Louis, who have never been there before. We walked all around the Climatron and the Temperate House and took note of all of the different types of flowers and plants. Afterward, we walked to the Japanese Garden to see the giant Koi fish, but the water was murky, making it impossible to see anything. Even so, I really enjoyed the lab; it gave me a totally new outlook on one of my favorite Saint Louis destinations.

Tomorrow, Friday the 11th, some of my friends and I are going to the City Museum. We all bought $2 tickets (yes, $2 tickets – the biggest steal of the year!), and we’ll be leaving Fontbonne by bus tomorrow night. It should be so much fun!!!

And then, this Sunday, I will be doing House Crew for Fontbonne Theatre’s production of “Miss Lonleyhearts.” I’m very excited to see this show. Many of my friends are involved with it, and they all say that it’s a really good production. I’d recommend taking a study break to go see it, especially because Fontbonne students get FREE tickets!!!

Despite all this fun, however, I guess I’d better get back to my calculus. Only 6 more problems left in tonight’s assignment…

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