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Don’t Stop…

by Alumni Posts on March 17, 2011

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I’ve been debating for quite some time about what song to use as the title of this post. But after hearing “Don’t Stop” off of the new album from The Dodos, which came out Tuesday (I MUST get it!), I knew I had to use it. Despite being on a break from dancing until I feel like returning to the ballet barre again, this song makes my body want to move. The music is so rich and full and powerful. I’ve been trying to find the lyrics, but since the album just came out, I haven’t had any luck! I also haven’t had any luck finding the CD at the Brentwood Borders. Vintage Vinyl, maybe? I hear their prices are a bit high, though.

Anyway, tomorrow I leave for the Kansas City service trip. Honestly, I’m exhausted. I haven’t gotten much sleep, even though I have had several chances to go to bed somewhat early. And of course, I stayed up late screwing around and previewing different music online on those nights instead. I still have to pack, do a few things for homework, and pack up my stuff to take home. Home is sounding extremely appealing, considering how tired and desperate for real food I am! But all tiredness, hunger, and stress aside, I think the trip is going to be an enjoyable experience. I’ve never been to Kansas City before! Plus, I’ll be helping out other people while I’m there, which not only makes me feel good about myself, but also reminds me of all of the blessings I have in my life.

Currently, my roommate is in New York City (a.k.a. my favorite place in the world) for her spring break trip with the other fashion students. I told her to have a big New York bagel with lots of cream cheese on it for me…if only I were sitting in the subway right now, watching all of the native New Yorkers, pretending to be one of them…

Enjoy your spring break wherever you’re spending it!


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