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Planning the Future: Yesss!

by Alumni Posts on March 29, 2011

in Academics,Campus Community,New & Future Students

This isn’t the first time I’ve talked about this, but I LOVE talking about this!

I LOVE planning for the future. Maybe it’s because it helps me organize my priorities and see what work I need to get done. Maybe it’s because I love visualizing where my life is going to go. Maybe because it’s a form of procrastination where I can still claim I’m getting something useful done. I don’t know!

Anyway, course guides have come out for next Fall. Since I’ll be graduating in December of this year, this is my last course registration and my last advising week! I’m so excited. Looks like my careful planning over the past few years has led to a super easy last semester, too:
– Music Appreciation as an 8-week course, so I’ll be done with that by midterm.
– Diversity Studies, a 200-level Sociology course with Dr. Phelps, a brilliant, fascinating, wise, and eccentric professor whom Fontbonne is unbelievably lucky to have.
– Senior Seminar in Advertising, which will be difficult, but I love many of my fellow Ad majors and I’m really excited to work with them, as well as polish myself up professional prior to graduating!
– Sociology Internship II, which will be taken as an independent study; the only real requirement will be to develop a paper regarding my internship experience over this summer and discuss the sociology of advertising.

That’s right. 12 hours, and only 3 classes to attend. By the end of the semester, with Music Appreciation over and my Sociology paper written, it should feel like I’m only taking 2 classes! I’m so excited.

The moral of my story (because all good stories—and all bad ones, to make up for being bad—should have a moral) is to plan, plan, plan. Foresight can save you so much trouble and so much money. I’ll be walking out of Fontbonne with 3 majors and a minor in only three and a half years. Just think: a few hours of planning every semester has saved me one entire semester and the costs and stress that go with it!

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