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Night at the (City) Museum

by Alumni Posts on March 17, 2011

in Extracurricular,Organizations, Activities & Events

Last Friday, Fontbonne sponsored a night at the City Museum. A group
of my friends and I decided to go. I took along my small pink
backpack that I’ve had for as long as I can remember. It’s one of those
backpacks that I keep telling myself I’m going to donate to chariy
until I realize that I still have a million uses for it. On the bus
ride to the museum, two of my friends, Brooke and Steph, asked me to
put their keys in my backpack. So, needless to say, my backpack was
stuffed to the gills.

When we arrived, we decided to go to the outside climbing exhibit,
MonstroCity, before it got too cold. Steph and Elizabeth decided to
do this one part of the exhibit that involves sliding under the grid-
like sidewalk. When they exited the tunnel, Steph’s face became pale
as she looked at me and said, “My phone is gone.”

We looked all around for her phone, and she even called it from mine.
We feared that it had either shattered into pieces due to the forty-something
foot fall or that it landed into the battle zone known as the ball pen.
We braved darting balls as we entered the war zone. Then, we
saw an attendant, and we found out that he had seen her phone fall and
had had it all along. Needless to say, her phone went right into my
already-overstuffed backpack.

We had a great night after the panic ended. And, though I didn’t see
any Teddy Roosevelts played by Robin Williams coming to life, the
miracle of finding Steph’s phone made me believe that the City Museum
truly is magical.

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