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I’d like to take a minute; just sit right there, and I’ll tell you all about how…

by Alumni Posts on March 8, 2011

in Athletics,New & Future Students

The prompt for this week was the talk about how you came to Fontbonne. My story is pretty basic and boring, but I’ll tell it anyway.

I first learned about Fontbonne from a Cross Country camp that the former Head Cross Country/ Track coach Dave Almany had been speaking at. From there, I took Fontbonne, Missouri Baptist, and Webster for a spin to see how each one fit me. I visited MoBap first, and it just didn’t fit me at all. Second was Webster, which, after my tour, I believed I really wanted to go to. Third was my visit to Fontbonne. It seemed alright, but I was still set on Webster. I talked to Coach Almany, and my idea slowly changed. He told me to have an overnight visit to see how it would work. So, bag in hand, I stayed the night with some of Fontbonne’s Cross Country athletes, along with several other recruits. This was the deciding factor. I called up Webster, told them I had changed my mind, and looked at my kingdom. I was finally there, to sit on my throne as another runner and student at Fontbonne University.

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