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I Don’t Mind the Weather.

by Alumni Posts on March 31, 2011

in Academics,Extracurricular

I have to admit, the title of this post is totally a lie. I do mind the weather. I finally realized this morning as I was walking back to my dorm after my workout why I’ve been in such a not-so-great mood lately: it’s the weather. Like I probably mentioned on my very first post, I’m obsessed with fashion. And the fact that all of my new clothes for spring are all alone in the trunk of my car, patiently waiting to be worn, makes me upset. Don’t get me wrong; there are certain winter wardrobe pieces that I love wearing and will be sad to put away for the year, like my favorite boots (which I plan on wearing in the summer because I’m too sad to part with them). However, there is nothing that I want more right now than to put on my new high-waisted denim shorts and go for a bike ride through Forest Park. So there.

Now, on to school related stuff. All of this thinking about warm weather means that the year is, in fact, almost over. Which means I’m under a lot of stress to figure out my schedule for next year and my roommate situation…all by Monday. And I don’t have either one of those things figured out. So it looks like I’ll be going home yet again this weekend to have my father help me work physics one and two (physical therapy prerequisites) into my schedule. According to my advisor, it looks like I’ll be doing summer school! Hmm…maybe that’s another reason why I haven’t been particularly happy! Oh well. We shall see how it all works out.

Keep your fingers crossed that it warms up. I know I will!


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