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One on One Experience

by Alumni Posts on March 14, 2011

in Academics,Campus Community

So, I have a story about another reason I like Fontbonne. Last week I had a really bad week. I was stressed out about a big test, and I had a paper due on the same day. I know you probably think I’m a wimp, but as an English major, I write more papers than anything else. Test taking is not a huge part of my life. This test happened to not be in my major, so I was even more nervous about it.

Well, I didn’t fail the test like I originally thought, but I was really upset about it for a few days. This brings me to the main point of the story. I got a chance to talk to my professor about the test, plus two other professors in my department (one who is my advisor and the other who could tell I was visibly upset). Each professor stopped and listened to me about what was bothering me. Each professor had interest in what I had to say and gave me feedback about what I should do. It made me realize something I probably wouldn’t get at another school, and that is the one on one experience here at Fontbonne.

I’ve recently gotten closer to all the people in my department, including professors and students. I think that it has to do with the smallness of the school as well. I have all my classes with the same people, and because of that we have time to build a friendship. I think that this is true in other academic departments on campus as well, but I’m glad that it’s something I’m apart of with mine.

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