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I Chose Fontbonne . . .

by Alumni Posts on March 1, 2011

in Academics,Campus Community

For so many reasons.

First and foremost is the social work program and the strong connection the university has fostered with graduate programs at other local and equally prestigious universities. Other universities have programs that are similar but don’t quite cross the bridge all the way to where a true opportunity for a graduate degree materializes.

I love the way the campus feels. It’s small enough and big enough at the same time. I came to campus and was immediately welcomed by all ages and groups of students.

It makes such a huge difference to me that my advisers and my professors are approachable. Knowing that when I am struggling, I can make direct contact with my professor or advisor and get such quick and enthusiastic responses is a great source of comfort. What better arsenal to have at your disposal than a professor enthusiastic about their subject, or a resource like the Kinkel Center available to assist you with writing that crazy paper on “Capitalist Ideals that Have Influenced Obesity”!

Finally, the flexibility of the program has been a great asset to me and my family. I attend Fontbonne full time as a day student, and I work part time. I have a family complete with one husband, two children and three dogs! So needless to say, flexibility is key to juggling all of these things. The blended classes help me manage my time and allow me to work when I need to not just when I have to.

All in all, these were the reasons I came to Fontbonne University and the reasons I chose to return again this semester.

I can’t imagine pursuing my BSW anywhere else!

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