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Week 3: No Classes!

by Alumni Posts on February 3, 2011

in Academics,In Saint Louis

Usually when people talk about the weather, it’s an awkward filler conversation. In light of our recent “snowpocalypse,” however, I think it’s actually an appropriate topic!

First, I’d like to say that I’m not impressed. Hahaha… Coming from Rochester, NY, this “snowpocalypse” (a huge joke of a term) has been far from the blizzard-y end of the world to me. I’m used to 6 inches of snow over the course of a few hours, for days at a time. To be fair, Rochester is used to that kind of snow, so we have the infrastructure to handle it; our roads are designed to cope with ice and snow, and we have a fleet of snowplows like no other.

But, minimalistic meteorological performance aside, I still enjoyed Fontbonne’s snow days! The campus shut down early on Monday, and remained closed both Tuesday and Wednesday. I appreciate it for a few reasons: first, I’m glad they did not encourage students to drive in these adverse conditions. Much like St. Louis can’t handle snow, neither can its drivers. Without the wintry training that drivers like myself have, I wouldn’t trust you to navigate icy roads! But second, and more awesomely, Fontbonne’s cancellations gave me a week of no classes! My evening classes Monday were cancelled; no classes were held Tuesday and Wednesday; Thursday, my one class was already canceled because the professor was out to a conference; and I have no Friday classes this semester. Awesome much? Absolutely.

Guess I’ll have to prep myself this weekend for classes again! And hopefully, hopefully things will start warming up now!

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