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Valentine’s Day – It’s all about the….money.

by Alumni Posts on February 16, 2011

in Extracurricular

Valentine’s Day was two days ago, and for me, it was just another Monday. Whether or not I have or had a valentine, I feel like it is just an overrated holiday. It is a day for people to overly spend their money on hallmark cards, expensive flowers and heart-shaped boxes full of chocolates. I feel like there shouldn’t be one day to express your love for someone; it is something that should be done every day. To get flowers on Valentine’s Day is one thing, but getting flowers as a surprise on any given day of the week is the most amazing feeling. I believe that is the best way to show love. I also think that spending that much money is more about greediness or showing high maintenance people at their worst. Love comes from the heart, not the money in your pocket. Love is a great thing — spread it every day. 🙂

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