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My thoughts on Valentines Day

by Alumni Posts on February 17, 2011

in Extracurricular

Well, for me Valentine’s day has never been a big deal… until this year. My girlfriend wanted me to plan a date, and since I am not very good at planning dates, it became very stressful. So I stressed and stressed over what to plan. Where should I go? What do I get her? After researching all of the restaurants and possible locations to go to in the St. Louis area code, I decided that the best possible solution is to go with the time tested and approved dinner and a movie. Also I decided to throw in a few little sentimental gifts in between. So when the big day finally arrived, we had a wonderful time. So from my own experience, don’t stress over whether or not she will like or be impressed by the date on Valentine’s Day. As long as you put some thought into it and make it special in your own way, then she is going to love it.

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