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The Snow Days Are Over! (or so I think)

by Alumni Posts on February 4, 2011

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Well, the last week was probably the longest and laziest I’ve had this year. I went to class one day and it was over. The other days of the week I either didn’t have class (Friday) or they were canceled (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday). While it was a good time had by all (unless you had to get out on the road), I’m glad the snow days are over. It was a nice vacation, but I’m ready to get this semester going. After a full day of being ahead in my readings, and yet behind in my class discussions, I’m tired of being off track. One of my classes discussed the readings from the FIRST day of the semester. I read that two weeks ago! I don’t remember all that much about it! I don’t know exactly what my teachers want, but in all that time off, I was actually being productive. We don’t have to talk about pages 25-50 anymore. I get it. Please let the snow days be over Mr. Weatherman!  I’d like to get this semester rolling, thank you.

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