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Three Snow Days and I Still Haven’t Gone Sledding. :(

by Alumni Posts on February 7, 2011

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I haven’t gone sledding in the snow since grade school. That might not be a big deal for people, but I think its a huge deal! The snow days that have recently happened gave me multiple opportunities to go sledding, but every time I end up doing something lame…I mean cool…like schoolwork. However, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t done fun things recently.

One of my favorite recent events was the Couples Decathlon. I partnered with my friend Shea and little did we know how intense the event would be. We had to face challenging activities like solving difficult brain teasers and competing in physical events like a spinning bat relay. With a baseball bat, we had to put it on our forehead and spin around a bunch of times then try to run across to the other side of the gym. Another fun, but crazy event was the lunch bag relay where we had to run to several “lunch bag stations” and eat the contents of the bag we picked up. The foods I had to eat were peanut butter sandwich crackers, saltines, and pretzels. I had to eat all of that as fast as possible without drinking water, so it was quite a challenge. When the event was all said and done, the couples all looked like they had fun and my partner and I even got second place out of several teams! It was definitely the most fun I had had in awhile.

Due to the crazy weather we’ve been having, my car has been suffering for it. I’ve had to jump start the car a couple of times, which I just learned how to do. For those who have cars, I would advise having jumper cables in the car. Another nice item to have in this weather would be some sort of car scraper to clean snow/ice off. There was so much snow/ice on my car the other day that my car scraper broke, sadly. It has definitely been an adventure facing the elements, such as snow.

Right now is the time of the year for ice hockey. I was excited about attending my first professional hockey game, with the St. Louis Blues versus the Edmonton Oilers. Being from Chicago, the Chicago Blackhawks are naturally my favorite NHL team. (Sorry, St. Louis!) However, I will say that I had a fun time at the Blues game and was a good sport about it. I was even happy that they won the game too. After the game, I still had time to go to the Fontbonne Activities Board’s ice skating event at the Steinberg Skating Rink in Forest Park. I was so hyped up on hockey that I even wore hockey skates on the ice.

This past weekend, I attended the SOLD (Summit On Leadership Development) Conference, which was a lot of fun. Everyone really enjoyed the speaker, Judson Laipply, who became quite the celebrity after he hit YouTube fame for his “Evolution of Dance” video. The video can be seen on his YouTube channel: I was happy to see him perform an extended version of his Evolution of Dance during his talk. For those who want to help build their leadership skills, I suggest going to conferences like SOLD.

Here’s a picture of Jason Laipply with Me (on the far left) and some other RHA (Residence Hall Association) Members:

That’s it for now!

Peace, Love, and Pickle Juice.

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