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Sharing Sweet Moments with My Sweethearts :)

by Alumni Posts on February 21, 2011

in Campus Community,Extracurricular,Organizations, Activities & Events

Valentine’s Day has always been a day for me to appreciate loved ones whether they be my family, friends, or significant other. Of course, I always appreciate my loved ones, but Valentine’s Day is also an excuse to exchange cute gifts like Valentine’s cards, sweet treats  (i.e. candy hearts, cupcakes, and chocolate), or simply sweet sentiments. For some, it can be seen as “Single Awareness Day,” but I’d rather not give it that somewhat negative connotation. Regardless if you’re single or not, Valentine’s Day can still be celebrated.

Sadly, since Valentine’s Day was on a Monday this year, I wasn’t able to celebrate it properly. As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts before, I am quite the busy individual. As much as I would have loved to go out on the town with my significant other, we decided to have a chill cuddle session instead. Plus, after a long day of classes and extracurriculars like Track and Field, I was exhausted. During my busy day though, some of my sweet friends were thoughtful enough to give me Valentines.

And even though I wasn’t able to celebrate my Valentine’s Day the way I wanted to, I was still able to participate in other fun Valentine’s activities this month:

Helping to put together the “Dinner with the Dating Doctor” event sponsored by FAB (Fontbonne Activities Board) and RHA (Residence Hall Association)

RHA baked cupcakes for the event.

With the help of the Ameriserve Dining Services, FAB, and RHA, the event was a success.

Another Valentine’s-related activity that I participated in this recent week with RHA was making Valentine’s cards for Sibs Weekend (a weekend where siblings of students are able to come visit).

We even made helped to spread the love by making Valentine’s cards for those at the Karen House.

Now that I think about it, this Valentine’s season was a lot more eventful than last year, so that makes me happy. I’ve also come to realize that you don’t need a romantic partner (although it can be nice) in your life for Valentine’s Day. Love can be shared among all kinds of relationships.

Peace, Love, and Candy Hearts.

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