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Secret Messages And Spies

by Alumni Posts on February 28, 2011

in Academics

We’re doing some neat things in my programming class right now. Since last semester, we’ve been learning how to program in C (one of the fundamental programming languages), and now we’ve gotten to the point where we’re using everything we’ve ever learned to solve the problems the teacher gives us. We had our first test of the new semester on Wednesday, and the unit it was over makes me feel like I’m learning how to code things that are truly useful.

The best, most exciting topic we learned was…… encryption! I wrote a program that, when given a message and an encoding key, will print a new message that can only be read properly if you also have a program to decode it (which I also wrote)!

It’s a fabulous combination of “secret agent” and “nerd” vibes.

In reality, though, my programs are only practical spy tools if you have access to my space on the Fontbonne server… but spies are smart people – they should be able to guess my password, right?

Anyway, if spies ever have to use my encoding and decoding programs, they’ll just love them.

In other news, I looked ahead at the syllabus, and we’re going to be learning C++ in the next few weeks, and then Java towards the end of the semester. I can only guess that once we get all the basics down, we’ll be doing bigger and better things with the more advanced languages. It should be pretty exciting!

(Just you wait, spies! I’ll have even better programs for you in a few months!)

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