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by Alumni Posts on February 10, 2011

in Extracurricular

This past week was the easiest week of college I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Campus was shut down mid-day on Monday due to extreme weather conditions. Basically, there was a bunch of ice. It was like mother nature put St. Louis inside of a freezer and kept squirting us with a water bottle. Campus was also closed on Tuesday and Wednesday, no complaints here. I had two classes on Thursday, none on Friday. This may seem like a wasted week, but I learned a lot in my time off. For one, I was reminded that college is more than going to class. I was able to hang out with my neighbors during my days off and take advantage of this snowed in opportunity.

My neighbors recently graduated from college and reminded me that these are the days of our lives we need to take advantage of. We have a right to stay up late, to go on spontaneous road trips and to live the way we want to live. When we came into this University we signed a social contract with every graduate from Fontbonne University, declaring we would enjoy our years of college and milk the experience for everything it’s worth. As long as we get our school work done we can have fun and play. So let us Griffins walk with a little more spring in our step, sing in the shower, and let the weekend warrior in all of us out.

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