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Don’t Mess With Me – I’m Really Good at Bingo.

by Alumni Posts on February 3, 2011

in Campus Community,Organizations, Activities & Events

Well, this first full week of the spring semester went pretty well for me! On Wednesday, the Fontbonne Activities Board, or FAB, hosted “Back to School Bingo.” When I first heard about the event, I balked: bingo for college students? I mean, I know I like Bingo, but I wasn’t too sure about the rest of the campus and I doubted many people would participate.

I bet FAB anticipated this reaction, and they put on a great advertising campaign for the event. Posters hung around campus showed a picture of a gaudy, elderly woman with the caption “Bring Out the Old Lady in You,” and all the information about the free Bingo event underneath. I thought it was clever, and it definitely made me a little more inclined to go.

It’s a good thing I went, too! My friends and I had a great time, and got into our Bingo. I think the fact that one of the prizes was a Wii gaming system boosted everyone’s enthusiam!

During the second round (but not the one for the Wii), the numbers on my card kept getting called! Finally, I had just one space left:  O-62. I was freaking out – my heart was racing, and my knee started bouncing uncontrollably. Then, in what seemed like slow motion, the caller announced “O-62.”

“BINGO!” I yelled!

I had won!  My prize? A “Jersey Shore” basket. It’s kind of hilarious that I won that particular prize, considering I’ve never seen Jersey Shore, and the basket included Seasons 1 and 2, plus some spray tan stuff, laundry detergent, and 3-pound weights. I’m guessing the random items all have to do with Jersey Shore? I don’t know.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun at “Back to School Bingo”! It was a great hour spent with my friends and with my Bingo board. I definitely brought out the “old lady” in me – and I found out that she’s pretty good!

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